Rabu, 29 Agustus 2012


We're very happy to announce that now our first debut compilation album release today at this page.This compilation contains 18 bands that carry the majority of post-rock music originated from south east asia. 

Solitude is our theme for this compilation.Listen the song in your room accompanied by silence.and feel what your's feel.

 Not many words to say.Enjoy! our Compilation! and share to the world.Thanks!!!

01.Hon Narongrit-Raining in Summer (05:18) (Thailand)
02.Damn Dirty Apes-E Minor Bells (04:20) (Malaysia)
03.Sound of Silence-Waiting(03:38) (Indonesia)
04.Paint The Sky Red-Like Flowers In Ultraviolet(06:13) (Singapore)
05.As The City Sleeps-Out of C (03:59) (Phillipines)
06.A Slow in Dance-Back to The Brightside (08:22) (Indonesia)
07.Slow Shutter-Empty My Brain (05:24) (Thailand)
08.Arajua-Sky (03:57)  (Singapore)
09.Time Keeper-Walk in Time (04:18) (Vietnam)
10.tide/edit-Status (02:22) (Phillipines)
11.Away the Ways-5 o’clock (08:32) (Thailand)
12.Under The Big Bright Yellow Sun-Threshold(05:03) (Indonesia)
13.Silent Scenery-Twilight Pulse (03:33) (Malaysia)
14.Angina-Lost in Reverie (05:09) (Indonesia)
15.The Metaphor-Rebirth (05:25) (Malaysia)
16.Monochrome-Gray Sky Manila (06:08) (Phillipines)
17.Robot-Lying on Earth (07:52) (Indonesia)
18.Anechois-Your Absence Is Permanent (06:16)  (Singapore)


 *you can also listen and download via Kasuari records.

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